Should I use a tour company or plan a trip myself?

Tour Company vs Planning a trip yourself

Deciding whether to use a tour company or plan your trip yourself can be hard. Don’t worry this blog post will help you figure out which way will work for your trip. Even better, I’ve created a FREE Checklist that you can download to use now.

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    The Basics

    Let’s start with the basics between a tour company vs self planning your trip. Tour Companies usually take care of all aspects of a trip. You pay them and they take care of everything (usually.) If you self plan your trip, you’re responsible for all of the logistics and if something goes wrong you’re on the hook. Tour Companies are good for travelers who aren’t interested in the research part of travel or they don’t want to deal with all of the logistics. However, this usually means that most tours only show tourist spots and you may not be able to fully see a destination. If you self plan your trip, you will have to deal with the logistics but you can choose what you want to see such as not going to the hyped up tourist spots and instead looking at where the locals go.


    Planning a trip can be expensive. Using a tour company especially will typically result in your trip becoming more expensive than if you self plan your trip. However, there is a tradeoff. You’ll get to worry less about the logistics and only worry about getting ready for your trip. If you self plan your trip, you have to worry about everything. From booking flights to hotels, and making sure you have the correct documentation to travel it’s a lot to handle. But, you save quite a bit of money with self planning as compared to using a tour company.


    When traveling, flexibility is key. If you are able to plan your trip in the off season months regardless of using a tour company or self planning your trips you’ll find a major difference in price. When self planning a trip, there is a lot more flexibility in how you can structure your vacation. For example, if you want to sleep in on one of the days on your trip you easily can but if you use a tour company you’re on a strict schedule and can’t go separate from the group. For this reason, I mainly see larger groups using tour companies and smaller groups which can be more flexible self plan their trips.

    Travel Companions

    If you’re traveling in a larger group I would recommend using a tour company just because of how complicated the logistics are with more people. Or if you’re doing a solo trip or with a few people, I would recommend self planning your trip because you can all easily agree on where you want to visit and what to see.

    Final Thoughts

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    Tour Company vs Planning a trip yourself

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